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Keeway Arena Fibre 

Keeway ArenaFibre

Environmental protocol sign off at manufacture.


Excellent for people wanting an excellent economical surface, this carpet material helps retain moisture and provides dynamic interlocking secure footing for your horse. Durable all weather surface, this composition of this fibre acts just as well as our premium surfaces.

The fibre is environmentally approved following rigorous testing from the environment agency, and is purely synthetic in origin, so over time will not break down or degrade thus enhancing the life expectancy of the surface.
This is a long term proven product with positive feedback from our clients with new and existing arenas.

Keeway Crumb Rubber

Keeway CrumbRubber 

100% wire free rubber. A clean, safe, resilient material that absorbs the impact of riders fall. It is composed of small, irregularly shaped pieces of clean granulated rubber that does not deteriorate, does not need to be constantly replaced, and will last indefinitely. Crumb Rubber allows the pore space in the arena footing to remain open, allowing water through the riding surface, rather than staying on top. This movement keeps the riding surface damp, thus, controlling the dust, which is especially important in a dry climate. Crumb Rubber makes an indubitable difference: in a hardness study of arena surfaces, the addition of rubber was found to make the surface much more forgiving than an all sand arena.

Keeway Rubber Chips 

Keeway RubberChips 

100% wire free rubber. Unlike many rubber chip suppliers ours are not from tyres, but other automotive and engineered rubber products. The rubber is shredded at 20mm to create a coarse grade of chipping. Keeway rubber chipping are suitable for riding arenas, gallops and lunges and are suitable for use in all but the most extreme weather conditions. The product is frost resistant and is very well drained to produce a cushioned non-slip surface that is safe for both the horse and the rider. Unlike other equestrian rubber chippings, ours contain very few fines due to our vigorous screening process and therefore will spread further and are much less likely to disappear into the sand.

Wash Bay set up 

Eccotemp Cel 10, a shower boom and a pair of cross ties. Installed anywhere in Ireland. You can split down what you need. Buy the set for a discount on the package. 

 FLAX Bedding

Keeway FLAX Bedding

Flax is the most superior horse bedding for many reasons. This incredibly absorbent, dust free, natural product is so soft making your horses stable dryer, softer, warmer and more comfortable. This in turn offers your horse superior foot health and optimum respiratory care.

Horse Stocks 

Keeway horse stocks are versatile and make handling horses for a variety of procedures safer and more straight forward.

Our horse stocks allow for easy access and the design ensures the complete protection for both the horse and the handler. they are of great quality, and well designed to suit all of your horse stock requirements.

Fully galvanised steel structure with Non rotting plastic boards infill to sides and gates. 

Delivered and installed anywhere in Ireland.