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Keeway Rubbersurfaces & Arenafibre Riding Surfaces for your Arena

The Keeway Rubber and Fibre surfaces are high quality, all weather, equestrian riding surfaces. They are delivered in 300kg bales, half tonne bulk bags, and  filled at source.

All Keeway Rubber is 100% wire-free
Unlike many other Rubber surface suppliers Keeway Rubber surfaces are not made from old Tyres with a steel-wire content. Many companies state 99% steel free by weight. That is still 10kgs of steel-wire per tonne which equates to a typical 20 tonne load to a 40x20 arena will have c.200kgs of steel-wire. 


Advantages of Arenafibre and Rubbersurfaces Riding Surfaces
  • All weather – Free draining in the wet, resists freezing in the winter.

  • Durable – Hard wearing particles and man-made fibres which won’t wear down or disappear into the sand.

  • Soft – For comfort and reduces the risk of injury to riders in a fall

  • Energy – Absorbs impact and gives spring

  • Low Maintenance – interlocking shreds minimises tracking, rutting and kickback.

  • Secure & Consistent Footing Environmentally Sensible – manufactured from 100% recycled material

  • Low Dust

  • Retains Moisture – in the underlying sand during dry periods

  • Resists – the wind and avoids the surface and underlying sand being blown away.


Manufacture of the Keeway Equestriansurfaces Materials

Manufactured under EA Protocols, both the Fibre the Rubber chips and crumb surfaces are stocked in Northern Ireland. This allows us to dispatch deliveries across Ireland daily when people want to improve their facilities.


  • Commercial riding schools

  • Turn out areas 

  • Indoor and Outdoor Arenas

  • Private Arenas

  • Lunging Pens

  • Horse Walkers

  • Other General Equine Exercise Areas.



Packaging and Delivery

The product is packaged as required at the point of manufacture. The bags of rubber have four handling hooks and are 1m tall. The Fibre is palletised with 2 bales on each pallet.

These can be handled by a fork lift truck, a JCB-type excavator/ telehandler.

The bags and bales are usually delivered on a rigid or articulated curtain side truck. Please contact us with your post code/ Eircode  for a delivery price.


Keeway Arenafibre 
The choice of over 200 arena owners in Ireland. 

Keeway Arena Fibre will dramatically improve the performance of any arena, whether this is incorporating with an old tired surface to incorporate some life or to add to a deep riding sand school, our stabilizing fibre should be the product of choice.

The fibre is environmentally approved following rigorous testing from the environment agency, and is purely synthetic in origin, so over time will not break down or degrade thus enhancing the life expectancy of the surface.
Below are our synthetic fibre options

Keeway Arena Fibre will dramatically enhance the performance of any sand surface. It can be easily incorporated into new or existing sand.

The components of the fibre are pre and post-consumer carpet manufactured and selected for the desired properties required for an equestrian riding surface.

The fibre being of 95% synthetic origin will not break down or degrade thus enhancing the life expectancy of the product.

  • Improves the stability of new or existing sand surfaces

  • Aids moisture retention

  • Cost effective

  • Greater consistency in varying weather conditions and minimises effect of frost

  • Rides on top of surface

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Delivery in 300kg rectangular bales 2 or 3 on a pallet dependant on delivery lorry.

Calculate your Arena Fibre requirement

A typical 40m x 20m arena with 5-6inches of sand will require c.15 bales of fibre. 

To calculate other areas; 

Calculate your area length x width, multiply that number by 5.5 for kgs per sq metre then divide that number by 300 for the bale weight. 

60x40=2400sqm x 5.5kgs/sqm = 13500kgs divided by 300kgs (weight of bale) = 44 bales 


Keeway Rubber Crumb
Keeway Crumb Rubber could the perfect footing for your riding arena!

Keeway Crumb Rubber is a clean, safe, resilient material that absorbs the impact of riders fall. It is composed of small, irregularly shaped pieces of clean granulated rubber that does not deteriorate, does not need to be constantly replaced, and will last indefinitely.


 Keeway Crumb Rubber allows the pore space in the arena footing to remain open, allowing water through the riding surface, rather than staying on top. This movement keeps the riding surface damp, thus, controlling the dust, which is especially important in a dry climate.


Keeway Crumb Rubber makes an definate difference: in a hardness study of arena surfaces, the addition of rubber was found to make the surface much more forgiving than an all sand arena.

The elastic property of Crumb Rubber translates into a resilient surface that cushions a horses footfalls, and minimizes injuries to a horses tendons and joints, allowing for increased training time.

Where do you use Keeway Crumb Rubber? 

Indoors or outdoors in arenas, jumping stadiums, tracks and trails.

An equestrian arena must have a resilient surface providing good traction, and protection to a horse.

Keeway Crumb Rubber is the ideal application for all equestrian surfaces. Keeway Crumb Rubber:

  • is eco-friendly composed mainly of premium recycled adventure playgrounds 

  • enhances performance while reducing joint stress for horses.

  • significantly reduces dust and mud, while providing improved arena drainage.

  • does not freeze in the winter or degrade over time.

  • will not degrade over time and is 100% steel free.


Typically a 40m x 20m riding arena will require 100mm of sand and approximately 20 tonnes of Keeway Rubber chippings to give the recommended 50mm layer.


Keeway Rubber Chips 


Keeway Rubber chippings are 100% wire free rubber. Unlike many rubber chip suppliers ours is not from tyres, but the other automotive and engineered rubber products.

The rubber is shredded at 20mm to create a coarse grade of chipping.

Keeway rubber chipping are suitable for;
  • Riding arenas

  • Gallops 

  • lunge pens

  • Turn out areas

Suitable for use in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

he product is frost resistant and is very well drained to produce a cushioned non-slip surface that is safe for both the horse and the rider.

Unlike other Rubber chippings, ours contain very few fines due to our source and processing and therefore will spread further and are much less likely to disappear into the sand.

Most manufacturers do not screen their equestrian rubber chippings/chip and as a result you end up with more powders which have no benefit to an arena and only add to the weight of the load.

Keeway Rubber chippings are considered safe for equestrian use in turnout areas as horses tend not to eat it and the softer nature of rubber chip is kinder on the hooves.

Typically a 40m x 20m riding arena will require 100mm of sand and approximately 20 tonnes of Keeway Rubber chippings to give the recommended 50mm layer.

The constructions depths will vary dependant on use 

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