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Based out of Gransha Equestrian Centre in Bangor Co. Down, owned by my sister Adrienne Stuart. I've been supplying arena fibre for about 4 years around the Island of Ireland with more than 200 installations carried out to both private and commercial Equestrian clients. 

In mid 2021 we started supplying ECOflax animal bedding the straw from the Flax plant. This has proved very successful, already in January 2023 we've supplied over 250 pallets of ECOflax and have secured a steady delivery of this great product. 

We now stock 5 different types of Arena Fibre and 2 Rubber  options, all suited to both private and commercial equestrian use and delivered in single bales or half tonne bags for lunge pens and up to multiple bales and loose bulk where required. 

Our Vision.

To supply ECOfLAX across Ireland and the majority of Arena fibre and rubber equestrian surfaces across Ireland.

Economically and in a way that improves the health and lifestyle of both the Horse and Rider. 

Whilst ensuring all products are environmentally friendly and utilising products re-directed from landfill. 

This use of “other use” rubber and or Carpets as an “unbound material in sports surfacing” is a recognised end of waste solution. Take the rubber and or Carpet away from its’ prescribed use and it becomes waste; reprocess it into a sports surface such as an equestrian arena, and according to the Environment Agency it’s no longer waste.

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Company Profile.

Tim McKee is sole owner of TJM Consult  which includes and

Along with the Arena fibre and rubber equestrian surfaces we are an Authorised dealer for Eccotemp Tankless Gas Water Heaters, direct from the manufacturers for milk feeding bottles for calves, horse showers, and pretty much the best camping shower on the market. 

We also supply Flax an extremely healthy option for your horses along with being much more environmentally friendly disposal option the horse bedding is also now available for collection or delivery from Bangor.

I am from an Equestrian family background, working in Civil Engineering for the past 40 years. 



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