Brand New Shredded Carpet with a >95% synthetic content, tends to be light in colour but can vary. Stabilises new or existing sand arenas that are riding deep, this material acts like the roots of grass when mixed 3” into the sand surface. The fibres are shredded to create dynamic interlocking fibres. Mixing the fibres at 5.7kgs per sqm into sand helps to achieve a mattress affect in the surface whilst maintaining a cushioning effect underfoot.   A superior surface, PREMIUM is designed for performance across all disciplines – from show jumping to racing, from private yards to competition centres.

Product Info

  • Delivered in 300-310kg bales – 19 bales per 1000sqm
  • Generally light grey in colour
  • derived from pre consumer new carpet and backing
  • Max particle size 95% below 25 x 25mm
  • best used power harrowed into the top 75mm of a sub angular silt free well graded sand.