Rubber chip


Rubber chip, makes an ideal rubber top layer on a horse arena or as a turn out paddock. It provides a totally wire free cushioned surface, reducing any likelihood of injury to horse and rider. Rubber adds some protection to sand arenas, helping to prevent dust and glare. Rubber Chip is relatively chunky, in blocks of approx 20mm in diameter which gives some weight to the product, helping to keep it in place and not blowing or washing away.

Arenas treated with recycled rubber drain better, have very low maintenance costs and a strong anti-shock value, which also makes them suitable for the protection of riders.

Product Info

  • Delivered in 450kg per tote bag. C. 50 bags per 800sqm @ 2-3”
  • 100% Wire free
  • only new shredded rubber from manufacture off-cuts of belts, gaskets etc.
  • approximate size 25 x 25-30mm