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Case Study pictures and words 

Oldcastle Co. Meath 
Keeway Arenafibre
Power harrowed ArenaFibre

New facility in Oldcastle Co. Meath 25x40m constructed with dig out of base to allow stone drainage blankets. Followed with 5 inches of Equestrian quality sand then Keeway Arena Fibre power harrowed into the top 3 inches. 18 bales used, ordered Tuesday 23rd November installed Thursday 2nd December 2021. Clients comment..."GREAT JOB" 

Holywood Co.Down 
Arenafibre set out for spreading
Showjumping Arenafibre

New private facility in Holywood Co. Down 60x30m utilising 33 bales installed over the 5-6inches of Equestrian grade sand supported on the sloping hillside site with well comp[acted engineered cut and fill. The client has had a years use out of the facility and loves the Keeway Arena Fibre. 

Gransha Equestrian Centre, Co. Down 
Gransha Equestrian Arenafibre

Despite being my sisters place i don't get any favours. Adrienne Stuart has had this facility for close on 35 years and has used the same arena fibre for the past 10 years. Keeway a name from our fathers Business is adopted only recently into my company. Both the outdoor Derby arena and the newly extended Topspec arena uses a selection of sands all topped of with the newly named Keeway Arena Fibre. 

Not stopping there she has both the indoor teaching school and the New Indoor Antwerp Arena treated withthe same fibre. 

Blackhill Eventing, Christa Dillon, Kilbeggan 

Blackhill eventing on Keeway Arenafibre

So thrilled with our Keeway Eccotemp supplied arena fibre. The difference in the surface is like night and day, and the horses are certainly appreciating the improvement.

We did plenty of research, and this fibre was by far the best value. The customer support and advice is superb, and the delivery fast and efficient.

Give Tim a call-he also sells other products, including horse hot washes-the 11 litre hot wash from Tim is the same price as the 6 litre wash from other retailers. Full set up is available, including hose booms and fitted cross tie pillars if required.

Some words from clients 

Claire Sedgeman 

Thanks to the excellent quality fibre my Arena rides extremely well. It is used daily and is a really stable and consistent surface for the horses to work on. I would highly recommend this product for anyone building an equestrian Arena and Tim’s customer service from start to finish was second to none

Heather Champion 

Santa definitely came early to the Champion household (or more accurately, the arena!) The before, during and after of our new fibre!! Unfortunately it did have to take place on the wettest week but it’s still glorious!! Thanks so much to

Tim Mckee

for the fabulous fibre, to Jones’ for the power harrowing and to mum and dad for all the rest!! We had our first ride in it today and it was awesome

Courtney Stuart

Without Tim's fibre in our arenas they would be unusable 3-4 months of the year.  The fibre gives us year round use, giving me a constant surface for the Dressage training and of course our livery use and the weekly competitions we run here at Gransha Equestrian.

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