Hippo Safety Fence Extreme Wire Tensioner (for Galvanised Wire)


We are pleased to announce the introduction of the "Hippo Safety Fence Extreme Wire Tensioner" to the Hippo Safety Fence range.   The new Hippo Safety Fence “ Extreme Wire Tensioner “ will ensure your electric wire is under very strong tension in all weather conditions.   The maximum length of wire this will work on is 500m in a straight run & 250m when the wire is required to go around corners.   This is very important when electrifying your Hippo Safety Fence system because a loose hanging wire can cause harm to a head or the legs of your Horse, Pony or Foal.   Very hard tensioned wire also will break fast enough before injuries will happen.   Do not use cords for electricity!

Product Info

  • Smooth galvanized or aluminium ( thickness 1.6mm ) wire is the safest & these will not cut